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I am the author of urban fantasy series, The EMBRACE SERIES (also called The Violet Eden Chapters), and BETWEEN THE LIVES.

My first novel, EMBRACE, was published in October, 2010, by Hachette Australia. Following its release in Australia & NZ, the series and my stand alone novel have been picked up in a number of international markets (hooray!). My books have now been released in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and soon will be out in Turkey, Brazil, Hungry, and Japan.

Upcoming releases:


* US edition of EMBLAZE (bk3 in the Embrace Series):      March, 2013 – Now out!


* German edition of ENDLESS (bk 4 in the Embrace Series):      March, 3013 – Now out!


* Australia & NZ edition of BETWEEN THE LIVES:      May 1, 2013 – Now out!


* US edition of ENDLESS (bk 4 in the Embrace Series):      October 1, 2013


* EMPOWER, Book 5 in the EMBRACE SERIES/The Violet Eden Chapters – Out now in Australia & NZ

* US edition of EMPOWER (bk 5 in the Embrace Series):      May, 2014

* DISRUPTION – Book 1 – Australia & NZ Release date: March 24, 2014


It was important to me that my website covered all the elements that have gone into my writing – the research, mythology and folklore, my experiences and the music that has influenced me along the way. I will continually be adding to all of these sections as I get the time and content. In addition to this, there is information about the books, preview chapters, trailers, media clippings, reviews and my blog – on which you are very welcome to leave a comment. For other enquiries, please have a look at my FAQs pages as this may answer any questions you might have or, failing that, follow the instructions in the contacts information.

Thanks for stopping by!
Jess Shirvington

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Latest News


I’m extremely excited about the coinciding release of ONE PAST MIDNIGHT also known as BETWEEN THE LIVES in the US and UK on August 7!

They have two different titles and two very different covers – and yet I absolutely adore both of them and feel they both capture elements of the story within! I’d love to know what you guys think, so leave a comment!!

And, I was thrilled to see these positive early reviews come from Voya’s upcoming August edition. Here is what they had to say:

Sabine has lived her eighteen years twice. On alternate days, she lives a picture-perfect life in Wellesley, a posh suburb of Boston, and a less perfect life in Roxbury, a more hardscrabble area. Every midnight she shifts between lives and picks up where she left off twenty-four hours previously. Desperate to have one life, she forms a plan to end one and hopefully survive to live the other. Both lives have advantages: Roxbury has her beloved little sister, while Wellesley has the obvious advantages of wealth and a future with the handsome Dex. As her plan moves closer to fruition, things are complicated by the appearance of Ethan in her Roxbury life—mesmerizing, captivating, mysterious, complicated Ethan.

Shirvington has conjured up a wonderful dilemma for Sabine, one with which many teens can identify—who am I really? Sabine has created two different personalities in her separate lives and wonders who the real Sabine is. What teen does not have the same question? Readers will at first think it is a no-brainer as to which life Sabine should choose to live, but the author has masterfully created a set of circumstances to keep them wondering what is next, what she will do, and more importantly—what should she do. This book is a page-turner from the start. Once word gets out about this riveting story, the book will seldom be on the library shelf.—Debbie Wenk.

Readers will be enthralled from the first page and will not want to put this book down. Sabine’s struggle to live two lives is intriguing and will leave readers on the edges of their seats waiting to see what she will do next. Sabine’s life in Roxbury is relatable for the majority of the teenager population, whereas her life in Wellesley is one that readers will regard as too perfect. The way the two lives are written is not confusing at all, and readers will thoroughly enjoy the plot. Ethan is the boyfriend that readers will approve of, and Dex is one that readers will see through. The ending is tragic and touching, and will teach readers to not take anything for granted. Anyone who loves romance, soul mates, and the supernatural will love this book. 5Q, 5P.—Sarah Phillips, Teen Reviewer.