Acronyms – Fan or Not?

Acronyms. What is acceptable?
You tell me…

FYI: I just drank my daughter’s red cordial!

If my 64-year-old mother sent me a text and it included LMAO I think I would possible throw up a little.

My mother should not attempt to use acronyms. Lucky for me, she agrees. That’s not to say someone else her age might not be able to pull them off with the sass required, but not her. The only acronyms I can accept from her are: ASAP and RSVP.

I don’t have anything against the high use of acronyms but it just seems like the development is endless and I have to admit – confusing at times. So that leads me to my question(s) – are there acronym guidelines? It is kind of the young thing to do, isn’t it? So do young people own the monopoly on them? Should older people refrain? Should we all refrain (never going to happen)? Should they be contained to the world of FB and Twitter? Should more acronyms become official words and be entered into the Oxford Dictionary – correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe OMG made the cut this year.

And, most importantly, is there a flippin list of these things and will they ever end? I get emails all the time that include acronyms and I sit, I stare, and sometimes I have a light bulb moment and work out what they mean, but often I just have NFI! The one that really stumped me was KIS – to be honest I baulked for a few seconds when I saw that one – so I looked it up. Keep it simple. Somewhat ironic really. I guess I should just be grateful they didn’t write KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) although that was exactly how I felt.

There has to be a sensible place to stop doesn’t there? OR, is this the new English? Are we somehow entering the new age of language whereby not only will we be writing with acronyms but also talking with them? Imagine that! LMAO!

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