When writing Embrace, music was a constant source of inspiration. Here are some links to some of the songs that helped shape the characters and themes of the book.

Hardest of Hearts – Florence and the Machine
This was one of my absolute favourite songs to listen to when writing Embrace and I still listen to it all the time as I write the next books. I particularly think of Chapter 17 at the charity event.

Kiss with a Fist – Florence and the Machine
Definitely chapter 31 – the Eden residence thunderdome!

Drumming Song – Florence and the Machine
I think this works with a few chapters but I always come back to the drama of Chapter 18.

Falling – Florence and the Machine
A no-brainer. I played this song whenever I was working on Chapter 24.

Lentil – Sia
Again – this was a song that related well to a few sections but, I think it works the best at the start of Chapter 22.

Lullaby – Sia
This song really touches the soul of two chapters. Both the start of chapter 12 and on and off through Chapter 23.

Love Lost – Temper Trap
Definitely the end of Chapter 36!

Citizen – Broken Bells
Chapters 9 & 10. I just love the 80′s vibe their music has. Very cool!

Trap doors – Broken Bells
This song really reminds me of Phoenix in Chapter 34 and the start of Chapter 35.

All The Same To Me – Anya Marina
This one belongs to Phoenix, too. A taste of things to come!


When writing ENTICED there were a lot of songs I found myself listening to. Here are some of my favourites:

Animal – Neon Trees
I listened to this song a lot in the early chapters of Enticed.

Teenage Crime – Adrian Lux
Chapter Eleven!

When I’m Alone – Lissie
Chapters 8 & 9. Linc and Vi.

Horse and I – Bat For Lashes
I love this song. It works through the entire series.

Addicted to Love – Florence and the Machine
I don’t think I will ever write a book in The Violet Eden series that hasn’t at some point been inspired by Florence and the Machine. To date her songs; Falling and Hardest of Hearts are still the two I always find myself going back to. Her music captures Violet so perfectly in my mind. Plus … I am a sucker for a good cover song and this one is GREAT. For me, this song works with both Chapter Three and, of course, Chapter Twenty-Four.

Strawberry – Adrian Lux
Mostly … just because I love this song! And the video!

I’m In Here – Sia
On the plane going home. Chapter Thirty Two. I love this version on the piano.

Wonderful Life – Hurts
I have added this song after a friend, Claudia, recommended it to me. Since she first mentioned it, I keep going back to it. I love the song and the video clip is just cool. Thanks Claudia!

Mythology – EMBRACE

The story of Lilith appears in EMBRACE. One of the earliest references to the female Lilith is in The Alphabet of Ben-Sira.


Mythology – ENTICED

The story of St. Francis of Assisi appears in ENTICED. He is considered to be the first account of a person receiving the STIGMATA.


Mythology – EMBLAZE

coming soon.


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